Unlock your company’s potential with Intelligent Document Processing.

Automatic and efficient invoice processing

What is intelligent document processing?

In the current digital age, automation and efficiency are essential elements for any business success story. Intelligent document processing, or IDP, is a revolutionary tool. This intelligent processing makes it possible to automate all tasks associated with the extraction of information from invoices, delivery notes, tickets, receipts…

IDP tools such as Extrable use AI-based technologies for optical character recognition (OCR) and a machine learning engine to quickly analyze and extract key information from documents, eliminating the need for tedious manual tasks.

How intelligent document processing unlocks all your company’s potential:

Imagine reducing the time spent on document processing by 70%. With Extrable, this is more than a possibility: it is a reality. All this freed-up time, in turn, converts itself into savings of more than €2500 per month in employee’s wages that are saved. Our platform has been proven to increase the speed and accuracy of document management, which translates directly into a significant improvement in business productivity.

Our own studies reveal that companies that adopt Extrable experience a 50% decrease in data entry errors and a 60% reduction in costs associated with manual document management. In addition, by freeing teams from repetitive tasks, it encourages focus on higher-value activities, like driving innovation, customer acquisition and business growth.

Extrable is the perfect solution:

In today’s business world, agility and efficiency are key. Extrable is not just a tool, but a competitive advantage over other businesses. Our intuitive and customizable interface adapts to your company’s specific needs, regardless of size or industry, and our proprietary algorithm is a leader in efficiency and accuracy. From the small business looking to simplify receipt management to the corporation looking to optimize processes at large scale, Extrable offers a scalable and robust solution.

With continuous updates based on user feedback and self-learning, we are committed to staying at the forefront of automated document processing technology. Say goodbye to slow manual processes and welcome an era of effortless efficiency with Extrable: your reliable partner in intelligent document processing.

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