Intelligent data extraction

Reduce errors and automate your document workflow with our modern cloud-based solution.
Automatic and efficient invoice processing

Different ways to import invoices

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Automate invoice processing with our email forwarding feature.

Integrate your email inbox with our platform for effortless invoice management.
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Import invoices from cloud storage to Extrable.

Link your cloud storage accounts to Extrable and automatically import invoices.
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Upload your invoices from our platform

Effortlessly upload your invoices through our intuitive web interface
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Import them via API

Connect seamlessly with our API to streamline your invoice workflows.
Automated extraction of key invoice information

Hours of manual work, reduced to minutes

Automatically parse and extract relevant information from emailed or scanned invoices. Keep an eye on invoices that need your attention with real-time alerts.

Connect to your accounting program

Our software extracts and validates all invoice data, enabling a frictionless and real-time integration with your accounting systems.

Seamless integration between Extrable and accounting programs

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